“Oh! Sweet Nuthin’”

“Oh! Sweet Nuthin’” is not only the title of one of my favorite songs by The Velvet Underground, but it’s also what I find myself saying every time I go out to eat or get invited to a party where there’s food. Why? Well, the new diet I’m on for the Gut Thrive in 5 program is fairly strict at the beginning and therefore it’s difficult to find food to eat at restaurants or parties.

In addition, to not eating gluten or dairy, I’ve had to avoid:

  • Grains, soy, GMOs and processed foods
  • All sugars, sweeteners and refined carbohydrates
  • High quantities of starchy vegetables
  • Fried foods
  • Raw meat/sushi
  • Foods made with yeast
  • High-glycemic fruit
  • Nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes
  • Alcohol and vinegar
  • Mold-containing goods like mushrooms, peanuts, pistachios,
  • Caffeine (except some green tea)
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and legumes (small quantities if soaked)

Everything I eat is also supposed to be cooked and organic if possible. Not everyone on this protocol’s diet is as limiting as mine, but because I’ve had so many health problems and additional food sensitivities I have to be on a more restrictive diet.

Like most people, I’m sure you’re wondering what I eat. Breakfast usually begins with a glass of warm lemon water, followed by a coconut milk smoothie with greens, collagen and a few raspberries. Lunch and dinner consist of some form of organic meat and roasted vegetables. Every now and then I’ll have homemade soup. If I’m hungry for a snack I will have a small green apple (green apples have less sugar and I’m only supposed to have one serving of fruit a day) or more vegetables. Throughout the day I drink plenty of water and will have a cup or two of tea (usually ginger tea). I also consume a lot of coconut oil because it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition, I try to eat slower and chew my food more to help with digestion.

I’ll admit this diet has been difficult and not fun at times. It takes more time to go grocery shopping and to prepare my meals. I have to bring my own food when traveling. In fact, I pretty much plan my days around my meals since I can’t just grab a snack in the vending machine. But it’s caused to be creative. I’ve learned how to use spices to add more flavor to dishes and I’ve created new dishes such as zucchini noodle pasta with homemade pesto sauce, ground turkey and roasted veggies. The good news is I’ll eventually be able to slowly add in more foods and have a more varied diet!

As much as it’s disappointing to forgo free food at events as a college student, I’m fine with saying, “Oh! Sweet Nuthin” if it means I’m going to get healthy!

Stay lively my friends,

-The Lively Lymie


One thought on ““Oh! Sweet Nuthin’”

  1. I think your saying is perfect! The hardest part of living off campus for any college student is taking the time to grocery shop, but I could not imagine how difficult that is for you. I try to eat healthy and it is hard on a college budget and then to take the time to prepare stuff is hard. I will say your invented dish sounds delicious and I would love to try it.


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