Gutting It Out

In my last post, I mentioned I’m on a new health protocol to heal my gut and improve my immune system. The protocol I’m on is called Gut Thrive in 5, which is conveniently named for the five steps in the program.

The 5 Steps of Gut Thrive in 5:step1_vacuum 

Step 1: Slash inflammation by removing food sensitivities and changing your diet.

Step 2: Say goodbye to the bad guys (parasites, yeast, fungus, etc.) through a pathogen purge.

Step 3: Say hello to the good guys by re-colonizing your gut with good bacteria and re-educating your immune system.

Step 4: Heal your leaky gut by consuming foods that soothe and heal.

Step 5: Balance the hydrochloric acid in your body and learn how to maintain your good health to help prevent the bad guys from returning in the future.

Each step lasts a different length of time depending on how your body responds. It’s been two months since I started the program and I’m close to finishing the second step. This protocol has been difficult and frustrating at times. In fact, I’m behind the average pace of the program (probably because of the longevity of my problems). But I’m willing to gut it out if it means I’ll be healthy!

Stay lively my friends,

– The Lively Lymie


2 thoughts on “Gutting It Out

  1. If you ever need recipe tips or food recommendations let me know! I’m not sure how similar our diets will be, but I’m sure there’s overlap somewhere. Us sick folks need to stick together!!!

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