One Baby Step At A Time

urlThe other day I witnessed my niece take her first steps. Although small steps, they were significant to her. She would fall down, but she would get back up. She didn’t move far, but she moved. As I sat there watching her, I started relating the idea of “baby steps” to my journey with Lyme disease.

There were many standstills and stumbles throughout my journey. I went many months before finding the answers to my different ailments, just to discover most of the answers were incorrect. I was in a vicious cycle of feeling better, then worse and then better. On multiple occasions, I was told I was Lyme free and then told I wasn’t. However, I wouldn’t let these hurdles keep me from getting healthy. Every time I was knocked down I stood back up, brushed off the dust and moved forward. 714ef9dbfb2d463084643d01a37f629096dd5cd4004d2de1a2244d2524afee30

I’m finally done with my Lyme treatment, but I still have progress to make before I’m completely healthy. I’ve been on a new health protocol for over a month to heal my gut and immune system. Others may not have noticed, but I’ve finally feeling a little better – and that’s all that matters.

It’s easy to get frustrated knowing it’s been three years since I was diagnosed with Lyme and I’m still not healthy. But I‘ve come a long way and that’s because baby steps add up. It’s uncertain how much longer I have before I can put this all behind me. For now, I’ll just keep moving forward one baby step at a time.

Stay lively my friends,

– The Lively Lymie


One thought on “One Baby Step At A Time

  1. This is a beautiful metaphor! Your journey is so inspiring and it’s great to see that these baby steps have added up into a giant leap 🙂 It’s great that you can look back and despite the fact that others may not notice, all that matters is that you’re improving and feeling better. Just keep steppin’ !


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